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Talon introduced bus emulation in a VXI format with the Model BE-64. For many applications, the bus emulator products reduced cost, real estate, power and programming requirements. The BE-64 was followed by the introduction of the SR192 stimulus/response VXI digital test module.



wpe1.gif (50225 bytes)The SR192 integrates both bus emulation and traditional stimulus/response in a single package. The SR192 offers modularity of installing from 1 to 12 Input/Output cards (up to 192 channels) and flexibility of choosing the I/O cards from different families (TTL, CMOS, Differential, Variable, etc)  to meet your needs.

In 1999, Talon introduced the general purpose Model 2108 for serial applications. The ever increasing speed and complexities of today's and tomorrow's serial interfaces demanded a new approach with full programmability from bits, to bytes, to words, to messages.



The SR192A, is the next generation of the SR192 product.  The SR192A provides more features, faster operation and requires less power than the original SR192.




Talon Instruments has started shipping its newest product, The MA1801.  The Model MA1801 is a single slot MA-Module that contains two 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator channels which can operate independently or in lock step. The maximum sample rate is 125 MS/s. All waveforms are output from data loaded into waveform memory.

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